"Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Soundaholik.com is an online store for professional audio sample packs and VST presets. We provide high quality sound design with a musician’s sense of music. Our focus in sound design is on applicability in the most modern musical styles, which are not necessarily mainstream. This makes the color and sonic texture of our audio products unique in the market.

The production and sale of sample packs and VST presets was born out of a personal frustration that you may recognize. When you download a trial pack or preset pack, the promise is huge, but the content is often disappointing. We try to avoid that disappointment by over-delivering on our promises. It is of course a matter of taste, but you get what you hear. For example, our previews are also free downloadable giveaways.

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